Sunday, May 29, 2011

week 4 Kathleen Holly--zone 5 (4 days)

Hi Ginger,  I used 4 one gallon degradable bags this week  (walked 4 days).. one surf board strap, 4 kiddie pails, 5 kiddie shovels or scoopers, few butts (shocked), one plastic knife in sleeve, 3 plastic bags, 18 beer or soda cans, a few straws, 1 disposable cig lighter, remains of 2 balloons.  no one practicing safe sex or camping out this week.

Reusing the plastic bags more than 2x yields a really stinging smell in the trunk of my car.  hence using the Teeter's new eco bags at least 2x.. but disposing of them once they get a bit gamey.

...It is somewhat disappointing people will stop and say thanks to me for picking up but not bothering themselves.. Do you think that we are the garbage people and they no longer need to be picking up???   No gnarly finds, just more pieces of plastic kiddie things and fast food cups, papers and straws.  A lot of straws, pepper and salt, napkins etc blow off the Oceanic pier.  I pick those up most every time. I am sure the Oceanic sends people down but the wind blows these goodies around.

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