Saturday, May 28, 2011

Susan Miller from JM Pier---holes and early drinking--not a good mix :)

Hi Ginger,

This morning, Friday, in zone 3 was quite a different scene from last week. While last week was a relatively quick and not-dirty trip, this week there was a lot more litter to pick up. I was anticipating this, since it has been very hot over the past week and we're coming up on the holiday weekend. One thing that surprised me, however, was the number of large holes and sand castles. There were many of them today. One hole was large enough that I considered asking two nearby guys to help me fill it in. As I came closer to them, however, I saw that they were drinking cans of Budweiser at 6:15 am, so I opted to go without their assistance.

Today I collected one large reusable bag of trash, which equals 3-4 plastic grocery bags. This included:
1 shoe
2 pairs of women's flip flops
1 pair of men's flip flops
1 pair of children's flip flops
8 water/iced tea/ Gatorade bottles
7 empty beer cans
1 empty soda can
5 plastic fast food cup lids
1 empty wine bottle
1 Styrofoam cup
3 plastic cups
12 plastic water bottle caps
1 sunglasses lens
2 pacifiers
2 headbands
several bits of plastic trash, granola bar wrappers, candy wrappers, etc
6 sand toys
1 plastic spoon
1 plastic knife
1 jagged piece of brown glass
1 comb
1 sock
1 pair of inside-out swim trunks
1 tee shirt
2 empty cigarette packs
1 lighter
5 plastic baggies
20 plastic straws
1 long piece of kite string
72 cigarette butts
1 white hotel towel

I also removed 2 beach chairs that were rather mangled.

The highlight of today's walk was a seagull that followed very close next to me for quite some distance. Perhaps there was something inside my trash bag that smelled enticing?

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

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