Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week 1 trash collected by Nancy

Nancy is our tireless leader of the WBSTP.  As such, she monitors the beach by herself on ATV for the first two weeks of the season when nesting activity is likely to be the lowest.  And, she also picks up trash. Here are reports of her findings during these first two weeks.  You will not believe all the balloons and string she collected.

Hey Ginger,
So far, I have collected about three grocery store bags of trash from the beach, plus this morning I hauled four broken beach chairs to the trash cans and collected two beach towels.  This morning's collection of litter included NINE balloons and strings!   These were scattered along the tide line.  One of the balloons sported these words:  "Gill Security".  What a way to advertise!  On Monday, David collected a whole bunch of black and orange helium filled balloons and ribbons from the beach on the south end.  There were about 10 balloons in the bunch.
On Sunday, I noticed a cluster of about six white balloons tied to the Mallard St. Beach Access sign and another cluster of the same size and color tied to the entrance of the Surf Club on Mallard St.  Knowing this was against town ordinance, I called town hall to report my observation.  I was directed to report balloons tied to street signs or displayed at events to Erin Moller in the zoning and enforcement office at Wrightsville Beach.  Other volunteers can do the same by calling Erin at 256-7937, Option #3.
Have a great day!

Hey Ginger,

I'm going to have to update this often b/c the days all seem to run together, then I can't remember what the heck I picked up.  Since the last update add to the total:

7 grocery store bags of trash

2 busted fishing poles left below the high tide line.  Fishing line and tackle were still attached.  

5 beach chairs

One bed sheet and a few towels

Twice I've taken chairs belonging to the Oceanic from the tide line back up under the pier.

Today I found a single pink balloon in front of Shell Island Resort.  

Photos of the good, the bad, and the ugly attached.

See you soon,


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