Sunday, May 22, 2011

week 3 (Sat 5/21) John & Tammy & Cindy zone 2

I always love it when we meet or see fellow trash collectors.

Hi Ginger!

John & I walked Zone 2 this morning with Cindy to introduce her to the zone and the art of turtle walking.  Not much to report besides an awesome sunrise and dolphins playing as we sat and watched after.  Sad to see how eroded most of our zone is and such a big drop off to deter the turtles from nesting I'm sure.  We found 2 full unopened beer cans, a chapstick, a few plastic bottles, some miscellaneous paper/plastic pieces of trash and our prized find....a sand toy and bucket.  So minus the sand toys, we picked up about 2 plastic grocery bags of trash.

As we were leaving, a group arrived with big plastic orange bags with the WB logo on them and it looked like they were off to pick up trash.

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