Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nancy Faye Craig--A true inspirtation

Nancy Faye Craig is a member of WBSTP and almost any other volunteer group on and around WB.  She is truly an inspiration.  You can see her "being green" almost every day as she commutes around town on her bike.  In previous years, I have said that I aspire to be like Nancy, and I still do.

Nancy calls her reports into me every week.  Below are her findings for weeks 3 and 4.

Nancy Faye Craig--week 3; zone 4
 1/2 bag of trash.  1 glass bottle and 1 aluminum can

Nancy Faye Craig--week 4
 Zone 4:
1.5 bags of trash.  1 glass bottles, 4 cans, and 1 pair of men's gray jockey shorts left at Crystal Pier.  "I guess they had a big time last night  :)"

Also concerned about the amount of trash that gets blown off of Crystal Pier from Oceanic Restaurant including sweet and low packets, oyster cracker packets, straws, and bill receipts.  These items have been picked up all the way down to the Yacht Club.

 Zone 5:
2 bags of trash filled with bottles and cans picked up mostly between the jetty and the Coast Guard Station.

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