Monday, May 16, 2011

One more report from Nancy for sat. 5/14

Well, I guess Nancy can have a party after finding a case of unopened beer!!!  That would be a treasure for some  :)    *Of note:  In two weeks, Nancy (one person) has collected 76 balloons with strings attached----this is truly a problem.  Many of these balloons have been in the bird sanctuary and we know that birds often become entangled in the strings of balloons.  Please educate your friends about the dangers of balloons.

Hi Ginger,

The blog looks great.....awesome job!  Love the swimming fish!!

Here is my trash report from yesterday, 05/14/11:

14 balloons and strings scattered along the tide line.  Several were on the north end where the bird sanctuary is located, so that was especially distressing!!

1 beach chair

1 boogie board

2 grocery store size bags of random trash

1- 24 pack of Budweiser  (I picked the box up expecting to find it full of empty cans.  However, it was full of unopened cans!!  Only one or two beers were missing from the box.  What in the world??)

Just for the record, I do not accept plastic bags from the grocery store, either.  Sometimes, I make reference to a grocery store size bag of trash just for the purpose of using a standardized way of describing how much litter I collected.  Mr. Spicer from the town kindly gave me one of their large orange trash bags when he saw me picking up litter last summer.  I have saved that bag and reused it many times to collect trash while I'm monitoring the beach.  Using a reusable bag is also a great idea!  When my orange bag wears out completely, I will also bring a reusable bag.  As a matter of fact, I will bring the reusable Wings bag I picked up off the beach last week!!  

Good luck monitoring the beach tomorrow!



  1. I'm just amazed at how many balloons you all are finding! As often as we go to the beach, I rarely see them. Just goes to show you that different times of day bring different types of litter.

    If you want to add it, my May total so far for cigarette butt litter is: 880
    I'm also doing a straw count for Glass Dharma (glass straws)... I've collected 56 so far in May. :)

  2. Thanks Danielle! We will add your count for cigs and straws.