Saturday, May 28, 2011

week 4 camping under Oceanic --(sun. 5/22) zone 5

Kym always finds a treasure, but I'm not sure a person sleeping in a hammock by a camp fire is it!!!!  Of course, there is always lots of things that blow off Crystal Pier from the Oceanic Restaurant, so maybe camping there is not such a bad idea!  It sure is a nice view  :)

Zone 5 this morning: 1 grocery bag of recycling, 1 bag trash, 1 bag toys & flip flops. Also, threw away a flipper & booty, clothing/shoe & returned a watch to a camper by resting it on his backpack which was strung up w/ his hammock under the oceanic pier in good faith that he/they would clean up their campfire trash when they awoke(?)
Kym Davidson

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