Saturday, May 28, 2011

More from Week 3 (5/15 - 5/21)

Kathleen Holly--zone 3

I took my "bag" and gloves expecting some serious goodies.. nothing but butts.. maybe because there was a storm forecast.  I expect "things" are going to pick up.. the last few days have only yielded 1 1gal bag of pieces of plastic, string from a balloon, a toy and pieces of a flip flop.. that is it.. shocked and..  awed.. maybe we are getting a message across.. 

Jill and Rick Zone 0 & 4---They find the Breakfast of Champions!
Hi Ginger,
I'm so sorry I'm just sending in the trash report for the week of 5/16.  I'm not quite in the habit yet.
Here's the report...which is a really good one as far as trash goes:
Tuesday, May 17, zone 4: 1 mylar balloon
Friday, May 20th, zone 0: 1 full Bud Light and a pack of cigarettes (what more could we want at 6am??)
Talk to you soon,


Julie Nichols--zone 5
I walked for Page in Zone 5 yesterday morning and things were surprisingly clean.  I picked up about ½ bag of trash mostly around the beach access to the right of Oceanic.  Much of it was paper wrappers from straws…probably blown from the outdoor tables on the pier.  There were a few other straws (the kind from drinkboxes) and their wrappers, wipes, and a diaper. (Diaper was found in the edge of bushes in the Oceanic parking lot.)
Unfortunately this morning – just out for an early walk, with no bags or gloves – there was the remainder of a party to the right of Oceanic, including glass beer and wine bottles, leftover bags of chips, partial case of water, etc.   All of this within 30 feet or so of the trash cans, one of which was NOT full.   I’m sorry I didn’t have time to go back and clean it up.  Does Oceanic police the area before the restaurant opens?   Most of the trash cans in the area were full so most people are trying to keep the beach clean.
Bring on the turtles!  It’s time for a bountiful season.
Julie Nichols

Mellissa--zone 4

Zone 4 Friday: 2 Lawn chairs and 1 grocery size bag of trash. 

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