Monday, May 30, 2011

week 5 John and Ginger zone 4

Happy Memorial Day!!!

When John and I were walking up Access #32, this is what we spotted before we could even get to the beach.

Unfortunately as we walked our zone, it did not get much better.  We collected  the equivalent of 8 bags of trash.

There was a pig sty at the trash cans at access #35.  I'm not sure what went on there, but someone left several chairs, a suitcase filled with towels, blankets and garbage, garbage all over the ground, and they even sat the trash can on top of a garbage bag filled with garbage!  Apparently these individuals do not know how to respect the beach.  I felt sorry for the Public Works staff that would be coming by later to gather all of this stuff.

We also encountered several large holes.....

beside the hole

In the hole--up to my knees
As if the pig sty at access #35 wasn't enough, we found the remains of some irresponsible dog owners:

I found 8 sippy straw sleeves in one location along with lots of food wrappers, caprisun packs, kids clothing and a dirty diaper.  At another site, I found 9 sippy straw sleeves and some caprisun packs.  I really felt bad for the example that was set for these children.

Many of our items, we didn't even bag, we just carried to the trash cans.  
1 blanket
1 towel
2 clothing
2 prs flip-flops
31 butts
2 huge cigars
26 toys
2 swim goggles
3 sunglasses (none of them worth wearing :(
plastic head band
plastic hair bow
1 rubber mallet????-(Maybe to hammer in the tent or umbrella??)
5 ziplock bags
2 plastic bags
25 straws
23 bottle caps
1 firework remnant
1 diaper
1 boogie board
16 cans (13 beer, 3 soda)
16 plastic bottles
1 glass bottle
6 plastic cups
4 cup lids
2 plastic spoons

Our finds is Sonny who "greets the sun" every Monday morning at Crystal Pier.  This morning we were able to hear him play the flute.  We were glad to learn that he participates in SUP (stand up paddle boarding) clean ups once a month to help clean our waterways.

We also witnessed a beautiful sunrise and we greeted the sun too :)

And on our way back we saw another one of my favorite people:  Nancy Faye Craig.  She was riding her bike, dressed for the holiday, and we spotted her stopping to pick up trash!!!!  I was so thrilled I had to take her picture!

We also witnessed WB town employees proudly displaying several American Flags---had to take their pics too!  :)

We saw flags from the waterway as well while boating.  We also scoop trash out of the water way while boating and the last few times we have collected 5 plastic bags, 2 plastic bottles, and 1 aluminum can ( I will add these to our numbers)

Keep It Clean!!!!!

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