Tuesday, May 17, 2011

week 3 Kathleen Holly, zone 5

Kathleen Holly is a new volunteer with WBSTP and KIC; however she has been walking in zone 5 for months during the early mornings.  She has also been picking up trash during her walks, so we will likely get several postings from her per week---which is great.  The more litter we collect, the more we are helping Mother Ocean.  Kathleen will also be monitoring zone 3 for nests on Wednesday mornings.

Kathleen's emails are posted below:  She estimates that her total pick up is 10 bags for these two days so far, which I will add to our totals.

(1st email)

So far I have picked up 5 tee shirts, 3 sheets, no pillows, lots of fishing string (near the shoreline), many, many butts (cigarette), 

I have picked up 4 doggie remains, a sharp plastic knife, a pair of shoes (nasty soles), 3 children's sandles; no matches, no latex goodies, yet, but I did find a deflated plastic balloon with water in it and a string attached washed up near the jetty.  Maybe about 12 kiddie shovels, scoops, strainers and plastic handles to pails.  Water and soda bottles, fast food wrappers and I am not even walking regularly yet!!!!!!!!!

Yes,  I wear gloves, carry a big plastic bag and dump at intervals. 

(2nd email)
I use and reuse a grocery bag until it finally falls apart.  I wear latex gloves.  I dump periodically in the appropriate bins.  Today was plastic shovel, styrofoam cups, cig butts, beer bottle, bandaids; no tees or towels today, nor "used latex items" or diapers. thank goodness.

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