Sunday, May 22, 2011

"WB Ducks" week 3 (Fri 5/20) Susan Miller zone 3

Hi Ginger,

I was really excited about getting started this morning. In fact, yesterday evening I asked my husband, "Do you know what tomorrow is? He replied without hesitation, "Turtle day." That is because I had been talking about it all week. ;)

This year I am collecting litter in a large reusable bag from Ikea that my sister gave me. I think it is actually intended to be a beach bag, which is nice because it has an arm strap and a plastic coating so that I can easily hose it off each week. It is 4 times the size of a regular plastic grocery bag.

This morning (Friday, May 20) in Zone 3, the litter was really not so bad. However, the tide line was extremely high and the cut off was very steep, so that led me to believe that a lot of the litter was probably already swept out to sea overnight. I picked up:
2 beer cans
1 soda can
1 beer bottle
1 plastic funnel
1 miniature toy truck
several straws and plastic bottle caps
1 Subway bag, which had blown up in the dunes
70 cigarette butts
1 mini plastic spoon
1 plastic knife
1 clock in/out slip that had the employee's full name and hours worked on it

There were a lot of butts around Johnnie Mercer's Pier- a lot more than I had time to pick up, unfortunately. The nicest surprise of the day was when I reached beach access #32, two ducks came waddling over the dune. They then turned around and walked straight down the access. It was really very cute.

Have a happy weekend,
Susan Miller

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