Monday, May 30, 2011

week 5 Morgan and Kathleen--Holes and Buckets

Sea Turtle Peeps are always concerned about big holes left on the beach as well as overnight structures such as tents and umbrellas.  There is a good reason for this---sea turtles can become trapped or injured in holes and structures.  Besides, both are against WB town ordinances.

Often times, volunteers will manually fill in holes and this can be a workout, but Morgan and Kathleen have found an excellent solution:

Hi Ginger,

Morgan and I experimented with the 5 gallon bucket today and found a very useful purpose for them other than collecting trash...filling in holes!!!!  It was so much easier to scoop the sand up with the buckets than trying to fill the hole "manually".  There were several large holes in front of the Shell Island Resort, those buckets saved us a bunch of time!  We will not be going bucketless again!

We found the equivalent of one grocery size trash bag the contents of which were:

2 water bottles
8 plastic cocktail cups
1 latex balloon (score!)
1 plastic sand shovel
1 wooden handle shovel, broken
1 pair of sunglasses
25 cigarette butts
3 straws
10 or so napkins
4 various pieces of plastic

See you soon,

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