Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Clem find tons of fireworks and 50 bags of trash in zone 5 post Independence Day!

It occurred to me as I drove to my zone this morning that there may be more trash than usual given yesterday being July 4th. That said, I found SO much trash – including large, heavy (mounted on thick rotating-wood bases) fireworks and reams of trash nearby – I got very discouraged. Also encountered dog-walker w/ leash at sanctuary (“oh, I didn’t know” – older fellow wearing Piedmont Soccer College t-shirt – I believed him) – 4 sleepers on beach (WB Police responded very fast), etc.  Right now I’m tired and filthy and will try to put a better report together (w/ images) later.
Oh, I came across an Hispanic fellow from Wilmington (I asked) who was wearing gloves, carrying large trash bag and asked him if he was involved w/ KIC and I gathered he wasn’t.  So there ARE good Samaritans.  Interesting though (to me) that the only 2 people picking up trash lived nowhere close to the beach. 
I got very discouraged this morning – there’s too much trash to even begin itemize.  Including all the fireworks, 40-50 grocery bags?  more??
I told the police officer “now I understand why you charge for parking!”. I also suggested a $1,000 fine for littering. ALL WB ACCESS NEED SIGNS STATING WHAT’S PROHIBITED AND WHAT THE PENALTIES ARE!
P.S. I put all fireworks near trash cans; but there’s still a bunch of paper cardboard light trash nearby (in dunes south of turtle nest).

The only good news I have is that the turtle nest and sanctuary both were fine.

This was the worst spot:
Another trash can farther north was similarly filled after removal:
Note Red Stripe Beer (w/ empties) on lifeguard stand by Oceanic:

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