Tuesday, July 10, 2012

week 10--Nancy finds lots of "joyful" things in zone 2 :-)

Hi Ginger,
Zone 2 was rather trashed again today. I picked up four bags of trash, plus the chair, sand pail, and the quilt as listed below. Here is what I collected:
1 dirty diaper (oh joy!)
3 feminine hygiene products (oh joy times three!)
lots of plastic bottles, wrappers, lids and straws
2 plastic bags
broken sand shovels and sand pail handles
8 balloons
1 pacifier
1 dental flosser
10 drink pouches with straws and straw wrappers littered all about
1 band-aid
2 sandals (not a matching pair)
plastic zip lock bags
fireworks litter
1 chair
1 quilt
1 broken sand pail
Here's to a happy and safe July 4th!

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