Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rick and Jill wonder if people are inspired to quit smoking "cold turkey" on WB?? :-)

Hi Miss Ginger,
We were sure we would find tracks today since we both had places to be early this morning - but hoping someone else found them!
Here are the reports for this week. 
Tuesday, 7/3 - Zone 4:  Lucky for us, we had pre-4th of July duty so only 1 grocery bag full of trash.  Just cups/cans and wipes - so not too bad.
Friday, 7/6 - Zone 0: 1 grocery bag full - not much on the high tide line - but  at the water line we found several cans and 2 full packs of "pre-butts" again this week.  We were thinking perhaps with all the talk about making WB a nonsmoking beach that people were just deciding right then and there to throw away their cigarettes and quit cold turkey!!  (Hopefully their next commitment will be to throw away their own trash : ))
Have a great weekend!


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