Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday, July 27 in Zone 3

 It was very hot and steamy this morning at Wrightsville Beach. Fortunately, the sand pipers were there to remind me of the best way to cool off on a summer day.

Today I collected a fairly average amount of litter, totaling 3/4 of my reusable bag, which is equal to 3 plastic grocery bags. The tide appeared to have come up very high the night before, and I always get a little bit concerned in this case, because it makes me think that a lot of the trash has probably already been swept away. Plus, there is always a lot that washes up in the wrack line. At first glance, this small patch may look like just sea grass, but when I bent down, I pulled 8 cigarette butts, just out of this one very small patch.

I have also noticed a great number of these Camel Crush cigarette butts. Someone should really tell these folks that "crush" does not mean "crush into the sand."

Today, my collected litter and recyclables included:
- 2 pairs of flip flops
- 2 stray sandals
- 157 cigarette butts
- 1 pair sunglasses
- 3 Rita's cups
- 2 aluminum Bud Light bottles
- 1 glass Bud Light bottles
- 2 plastic sand toys
- 2 plastic bubble wands
- 11 plastic water bottles
- 2 balloons
- 1 Red Bull can
- 1 plastic McDonald's cup
- 1 Kool Aid Jammers drink pouch
- 25 plastic bottle caps
- 27 plastic straws, including one very long neon yellow straw
- 9 plastic utensils

As always, I also picked up many ziplock bags and shreds of plastic.



  1. It's good to know someone is helping to keep the beaches clean. When I com for metal detecting, like you all, I remove trash that's worked it's way in to the sand. My last trip to WB netted 50 plus bottle caps (I stopped counting at 50), tens of left over sparkler wires from the 4th, I stopped counting rusty nails with points at 60 and a host of other metal objects like tiny tent stakes. I met two beach ambassadors who saw me dump my third pouch of junk. I explained that responsible detectorists remove trash as well as goodies. The older of the two thanked me first and said I was welcome to hunt anytime in his book!

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