Sunday, July 1, 2012

week 9--Clem continues to be a wonderful steward of the Ocean in zone 5

Nancy:  no tracks this morning but there’s always next week.  Also, someone built a large fort-like structure using beach wrack and sand;  this really needs to be knocked down because it’s a big hill no turtle could scale.  

6.28.12 d

Lindsay: all secure at/near sanctuary. The preponderance of trash I found was, again, towards the south end of my zone.  Not as many dog tracks as last week.

6.28.12 a

6.28.12 b

Ginger: trash report follows. I’d estimate 2 very full grocery bags.
1 liter wine bottle (not only is he/she a litterbug, but he/she has incredibly bad taste in wine!)
9 beer cans of assorted sizes
2 plastic bottles
1  plastic toy boat (kept for personal bath usage)
1 plastic top from “Shrimp Bait” (left by another eco-(un)aware fisherperson)
3 drinking cups/lids
1 Marlboro package
2 Straws
Assorted wrappers, plastic, styrofoam, etc. too small to detail
In addition, I found and threw away numerous straw wrappers and cellophane “Premium” (saltines?) 2-packs, all of which was up against the fence next to Oceanic Pier tables – obviously blown off tables. Maybe Oceanic polices this area each day??? but I did find a receipt dated 6/26/12 (2 days ago) which clearly was not picked up yesterday so my assumption they are not cleaning regularly, if at all.  Lastly, I’ll leave you with an image of a styrofoam coffee cup and aluminum foil which awaited me as I went to sit on Lifeguard Stand 11 near Access 36; presumably the lifeguard’s breakfast yesterday which I disposed of for him/her.

6.28.12 f

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