Sunday, July 1, 2012

week 9--Rick and Jill find "pre-butts" and treasures to boot!

Hi Miss Ginger,
We hope you had a wonderful week - enjoying these fabulous cool mornings we've been having.
Here's the reports for this week:
Tuesday, 6/26 Zone 4: I'm sorry to say that we didn't pick up much trash as we were trying to get done before the down pour.  Picked up a few cups and didn't see much more.
Friday, 6/29, Zone 0: 1 full grocery bag - mostly cans, bottles and a whole pack of 'pre-cigarette butts' which was much easier to pick up since they were still in the package!  The treasures we picked up will go to good use when my sister's clan comes in August - 2 matching yellow shovels for the 6 mth old twins, and hot pink Speedo goggles for the 11 yr old : )
Have a great weekend!


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