Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New KIC volunteers pick up 315 cig butts on their first clean up

Hey Ginger,

I got to Wrightsville Beach today at about 8:20am and picked up trash until 9:30am. I started at Mercer's Pier and headed North. I managed to get  315 cigarette butts in the 70 minutes I walked. I picked up a bunch of bottle caps and assorted small plastic and rubber pieces. The tally sheet has a about 30 more items of smaller types of trash I picked up so I'll throw that in a folder that I'm saving for you to see. If you want I can try to scan what I filled out but for now I'll just hang on to the hard copies of the tally sheets. Attached is a picture of my trash bag opened up. I'm sure If I walked another hour or so I could have found hundreds more butts but it was getting HOT!


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