Monday, July 16, 2012

week 11---Clem continues to "keep it clean" in zone 5.

Hey Ginger,
From this morning:
1 pair of women’s leather sandals
2 beach chairs & umbrella (obviously left overnight on beach since I encountered in the dark at 0515 + they had collected rainwater)
1 freezer type bag full of assorted lunch trash
2 plastic bottles
1 soda can
Assorted other trash totaling (I found 3 roses at tide line – what do you do w/ those?)
With the exception of the beach chairs & umbrella, call it 1 grocery bag.
Incidentally, from the lifeguard chair at access 36 I can see a metal frame (perhaps like the one John fished out of the ocean??) – fully erected and on beach but no covering?
Have a great day!

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