Tuesday, July 3, 2012

week 9--Nancy finds loose plastic caution tape on beach

Hi Ginger,

I subbed for John in Zone 2 this morning.  There must have been lots of visitors on the beach over the weekend because they sure did leave behind lots of trash!  I collected 5 bags of trash, plus one towel and a huge wad of yellow plastic caution tape.  Today's finds included 2 feminine hygene products (I really don't understand how one loses these at the beach), 1 balloon, lots of plastic bottles and wrappers, one large wad of yellow fishing line, cans, 2 broken sand pail handles, 1 broken toy shovel, lots of plastic bottle caps, lids, & straws, and 1 Capri Sun drink pouch.

The yellow caution tape was apparently used to rope off the driving lane in front of the Holiday Inn, however, as you can see in the attached photo, the tape was found in a tangle on the beach.  This type of litter is especially dangerous to marine life due to the treat of entanglement concerns.  More rope and tape is tied to the PVC poles at the base of the dune.  It, too, is loose and sagging onto the beach which again poses a risk of entanglement, especially to nesting sea turtles trying to reach the base of the dunes.
Have a wonderful July 4th!

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