Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2nd---John removes marine debris from the Ocean in Zone 4

Today is the Monday before July 4th.  Since the holiday is on Wednesday, I expect that people are celebrating the weekend before and after.  We had a very hot weekend which equals lots of beach goers and unfortunately lots of trash.  We also had a sudden storm, so I think lots of people abandoned their trash and ran for shelter.  Don't get me wrong, the storm wasn't so sudden that people could not have picked up their trash, but they chose to leave it.  After all, we didn't find any cell phones, cameras or Kindles on the beach; instead we found mostly disposable trash that was left by choice.  The good news is we had another picturesque sunrise!

Together, John and I collected 8 bags of trash which included the following:

9 cigarette butts
11 plastic bottles
26 various bottle caps
1 hat
13 toys
1 monogrammed beach blanket that can be converted into it's own carrier
3 aluminum cans
4 glass beer bottles
24 straws/stirrers
1 crayon
1 full pepper shaker
6 shoes
3 balloons
5 plastic utensils
5 plastic lids
2 SUP paddle covers
5 styrofoam cups
1 panty liner (yuck)
1 chair
1 boogie board
1 tent

We actually have help every week as we see a couple who pick up aluminum cans and also any other trash they see.  I spot them every week carrying arm loads of trash to the trash cans before I can get to it.  I am thankful for this, but also curious at how much trash John and I would be collecting if it wasn't for this nice couple who said to me:  "The beach belongs to everyone.  Everyone should keep it clean."

It was very windy last night and it seems a lot of trash had blown towards the Ocean and we picked up lots of plastic pieces and snack wrappers in the tideline.  I removed this one-gallon plastic jug as it was being tossed in the tide.

John actually went into the ocean to drag out a tent/canopy frame.  Once he got the frame onto the sand, we could see that it had the canvas and bag still attached.  That could have been a deadly encounter for marine life and this is a perfect example of why WB has an ordinance against leaving structures on the beach.

Once John and I completed our zone, I met new KIC volunteers, Robert and Sherry in Zone 3.  We picked up trash for about an hour and I collected another reusable bag full of trash (which = 4 grocery bags).  Robert and Sherry also collected about 4 bags of trash, but they are going to send me their numbers later.

I am so excited that Robert and Sherry have decided to help keep WB clean.  We sure needed their help this morning as we found lots of trash near JM Pier.

My total pick up in zone 3 included: (this does not include what Robert and Sherry collected)

41 cigarette butts
17 plastic bottles
13 bottle caps
1 tank top
1 sock
6 toys
2 bed linens (a blanket and sheet that I drug to the trash can)
2 ziplock bags
3 plastic bags
11 cans
9 straws/stirrers
9 shoes
6 plastic lids
1 condom (that I picked up by hand before I knew what it was-----eeeeeekkkkk)

Below is a picture of my washed and sorted trash from both zones.

It was fun to pick up trash with Robert and Sherry today and to make new friends.  I also met Mr. Summerlin who works for WB and picks up trash in the JM parking lot every Monday.  Thank you Town of WB and Mr. Summerlin!

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