Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thank You Robert and Sherry for removing 35 bags of trash from Zone 3!

New volunteers Robert and Sherry have spent a total estimated time of 10 hours cleaning up zone 3 in the last few weeks.  You will be amazed at what they have found.  I have to thank them over and over for all they have done for our beach.  Since they are not looking for sea turtle tracks, they have had more time to focus on items such as cigarette butts, 1392 to be exact!!!!

Here are their finds for 10 hours of work:

21 cans
5 balloons
3 bed linens
1 boogie board
139 bottle caps
4 chairs
40 toys
1392 butts
50 clothing items
4 condoms
1 dog poop
5 feminine hygiene items
2 wads of fishing line including one pole
5 glass bottles
27 plastic bags
131 plastic bottles
65 plastic cups
20 shoes
133 straws
9 towels
1 umbrella
1 unopened PBR (pint size!)
13 ziplock bags

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