Sunday, July 1, 2012

Danielle Richardet picks up in zone 2

I went to WB Access 16 on Monday around 4:30PM to do our 144th 20 minute beach clean up.  Even though the parking lot was very trashy, I had very high hopes that the beach was going to be relatively clean.  However, as soon as I stepped on the beach strand, I immediately started finding lots of cigarette butts and plastics.  It was pretty windy at the beach, so I wasn't shocked by all of the lightweight plastics littering the sand, but what I was surprised by was the amount of littered cigarette butts.  My kids and I picked up 410!  I spoke to 2 lifeguards, they both thanked me for helping clean up the beach and one had come up on a four-wheeler and told me that the southend of the beach looked pretty good, but as he rode north to Johnnie Mercer's Pier he could see the amount of litter increasing.  Would have loved to have been on that four-wheeler and seen the progression!  

Here's some of what we found tallied:

410 cigarette butts
21 straws
11 bottle caps
1 aluminum can
2 clothing
2 ziplocks 
3 flipflops
2 plastic cups
3 kids toys

LOTS and LOTS of plastic wrappers (for straws, food, etc)

All that added up to 2 bags full of litter.


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