Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kim removes over 50 towels from the beach at Shell Island!!!!

Name : Kim Meyer
Zone : 1
Date Walked : Sunday, 7/1/2012
# Grocery Bags : 4

All the usual items but more plastic bottles and cans.  Lots of firework remnants behind the A-frame down from the Holiday Inn.  I picked some of them up on the way to my zone but was quickly overwhelmed.   The folks that have zone 2 apparently picked up everything because on my way back I didn't any sign of the debris.  Good job to zone 2 folks!

Also at Shell Island there were over 50 stripped towels (probably more around 75 to 100) lying out scattered across the beach some actually washed over by the tide line.  It appears they're generously distributing towels to their visitors.  However their visitors are then just leaving them on the beach.  I pulled up as many as I could and just put them in a big pile close to the lifeguard stand.  I hope that they reconsider doing this.  People are less likely to leave their towels on the beach if they are their own.

This is nuts!  I am only counting this as 50 towels in our tally b/c I like to be on the conservative side so that people do not accuse me of embellishing, but this is insane.  Towels and fabric break down in the ocean and become shredded and entangled in seaweed which can cause entanglement for sea turtles and other marine life and just becomes trash in the belly of our Ocean.

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