Friday, June 3, 2011

A word about overflowing trashcans. week 5 Linda and Dick zone 1

Dick and Linda make a great suggestion about trash needing to be collected in the evening (see their comments in below in blue).  I agree and I have been involved in other conversations about this same matter.  It seems that a fair number of people are still at the beach by the last trash pick-up and when they leave, they take their garbage to the cans (at least some do) which leaves the cans overflowing.  This creates a problem as the winds blow the garbage out at night and birds scavenge in the mornings, scattering the garbage up and down the beach.

I have asked some questions about garbage collection schedules and learned that from Memorial Day to Labor Day, garbage is collected twice a day and three times a day on the weekends.  However, this is still not enough when we are all reporting overflowing trashcans.  It is really sad to think that we produce this much garbage, isn't it?

WB makes money on tourism, but there is a cost to clean up.  Hopefully, WB is continuing to assess this situation and will come up with a workable solution.  A difficult problem at times to balance costs, but overflowing trash cans is just not cool and it poses a threat to our coastal environment and wildlife.


     Zone 1 - Linda and I had to very full grocery bags full of trash.  I think WB needs to empty the trash cans more often in that they were all overflowing on to the beach.  Since people were starting to arrive as we were leaving, it should have been done the evening before.  Just a thought.  Rgds Dick and Linda

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