Monday, June 20, 2011

Dick and Linda find Money for Sea Turtles!!

Dick and I need to submit an addendum to our trash report for Monday 13 June.
        Also found $1 which was put in the donation box at Causeway Cafe.  

In case any of you are wondering what Linda is talking about when she refers to the "donation box", let me fill you in.

WBSTP has a donation box at Causeway Cafe and also at Boomballatti's Ice Cream Shop.  These businesses have been very kind in supporting the sea turtles and have placed a donation box in their establishments.  So, if you want some really good food, stop and dine at Causeway Cafe (you can find Dick, Linda, Abrons, Doss, and Butler in there on Monday mornings after their turtle walks).  For dessert, head on over to Boomb's for fabulous homemade ice cream.

Thanks Dick and Linda for the donation and thanks to the beach goer who left it behind!

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