Tuesday, June 7, 2011

week 5 Kathleen Holly 3 days in zone 5

Good Morning and happy Mem Day... this am went for my usual perambulator..  found, FOUND! 3 pkg of unopened bombs, 3 pkg (2 unopened rockets), launchers (used), exploded stuff, boxes the stuff came in, 2 pr googles (????), 1 pr men's flip flops, 5 empty Miller Lite cans and a cig lighter.. think that is pretty much that haul.  I took the the unopened stuff over to the WBFD.  Also found usual debris ... super soda cups, straws, candy wrappers.. but the firecracker really was the topper...  

On my perambulation when I found the rockets.. there were a total of 3 pkg x 18 per pkg of unused rockets still in the sealed pkg.  There were a total of 8 (2 4pks) unused rockets, 5 sparklers, a launcher.. forgot to put total.. it was a real find..

I did think of taking them home but wasn't sure if being on the beach had degraded them or whatever.. best let the FD have a crack at them..

had to share... 

No signs of any turtles on my walks..  2 bags of trash this am.  beach chair and umbrella.. ladies bikini bottoms (I have an idea why.. found other items), boys shorts, glass wine bottles, Miller Lite Beer cans (5) (very popular beer), man's work glove, googles, paper litter, bait pkgs, 1 gal sealed containers with stuff.. (2; yuck) lots of cig butts today.. mostly Salems ????, kiddle shovel... 

Alas, no mommy turtle came ashore..  

Kathleen  (june 2)

Hi Ginger.. I picked up 2 1 gal bags.. mostly cig butts, paper cups, straws, beer cans (the fascination with Miller Lite).  Gave away 2 shovels I found.. One visitor who was fishing took one of her bags and began picking up too.. YEA!!!!!  some fisherpeople and surfers thanked me..  The thanks goes to you and everyone else who makes the effort..  

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