Friday, June 3, 2011

week5 Michelle L. zone 4--overflowing recycling & 17 holes!!!!

Another report of overflowing trashcans---it seems we may need more trashcans or more trash collections.  The good news about this is that people are trying to recycle and trying to throw their trash away, they just need a place to do so.

17 holes!!!  way too many.  Dangerous for beach goers and nesting turtles!!!

Also, Michelle is the lucky volunteer to find evidence that the beach can still be "a romantic experience"---but used condoms are just gross.  Beach goers, please use safe sex, but take your condoms with you!!!

Another beautiful morning at Zone 4 on this first day of June.  I collected one FULL bag of trash.

-  1 plastic fork
-  1 plastic spoon
-  2 water bottles
-  1 beer can
-  2 toy shovels
-  1 toy squirt gun
-  4 straws
-  1 large boogie board that was washing in with the tide
-  1 12" piece of PVC pipe
-  1 used condom
-  17 holes
-  3 sand castles
-  2 grocery receipts
-  1 price tag from clothing
-  lots of small pieces of paper
-  lots of small pieces of plastic


The plastic recycling barrel by the Oceanic was overflowing!

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