Saturday, June 11, 2011

week 6 John & Terri zone 1--Dogs on the Beach

Hi, Ginger--

It was a "buggy" morning on the beach!

John and I collected approximately two grocery bags of trash, including:

--black rubber gasket, about 5 inches in diameter
--2 men's tee shirts
--1 rusting beach chair
--1 child's top
--1 pair men's good quality flip flops
--2 beer cans
--1 champagne cork
--numerous water and soda bottles, and bottle caps
--candy and plastic wrappers
--fruit rinds
--1 medium sized plastic toy bucket
--2 toy shovels
--1, one-quart oil can which had obviously been in the ocean long enough to be sprouting some sea life
--many plastic cups and 1 plastic fork
--one woman walking dog; she said she was aware of the prohibition but thought she was out early enough not to get caught

There was a fair amount of litter at Shell Island, enough to be seen glittering in the sunlight from a distance.


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