Sunday, June 19, 2011

Susan--41 bottle caps and 1 cool sun hat!!

Hi Ginger,

It was yet another lovely morning in Zone 3 today.

 Contrary to the norm, I did not find any large items, such as flip flops, clothing items, towels, or chairs. There were plenty of small bits of litter, though! I picked up a total of 1 bag of trash, and filled half of my large reusable bag with recyclables (which is equivalent to 2 grocery bags of recyclables).

My dog Tiesto helped me sort through the litter after I returned home. It must have all smelled very interesting! 

Collected items included:

5 beer bottles
7 aluminum beer cans
158 cigarette butts
41 plastic water/Gatorade bottle caps
5 plastic water/soda/iced tea bottles
1 plastic dog toy
1 tennis ball
5 plastic spoons
1 plastic fork
3 styrofoam cups
11 plastic straws
4 plastic sand toys
1/2 bag of assorted paper and plastic trash, such as granola bar and candy wrappers

Particularly gross items that I threw away immediately at the beach were 2 dog poops and 1 dirty diaper. The biggest surprise to me of the day was the 41 plastic bottle caps. I have a feeling there were a lot more that I missed, too, because they tend to blend in with shells sometimes.

 I also found a very large, flawless Olive shell that is quite a beauty.

Has anyone else ever met the gentleman who cleans the restrooms at 7:30 am at Johnnie Mercer's Pier? He wears a cool sun hat and is very nice.

-Susan Miller

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