Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's a Sign!!!!

I know some of you have noticed the banner when you enter  Wrightsville Beach.  I have noticed it too, but silly me, did not notice until yesterday that it says:  "Keep It Clean"!!!!

Well, you can imagine my excitement!!!!  I called the Mayor!

I then ran into Mr. Bob Simpson, WB Town Manager, and told him how excited I was about the sign.  And, then I saw BOA members, Lisa Weeks and Bill Blair at the WB Farmer's Market and told them how excited I was about the sign.

I learned that the Parks and Rec. committee came up with the logo for the banner and the art work was donated by Lynne (need to get her last name).  So, I then went over to Parks and Rec. to express my excitement to Katie Ryan, Program Supervisor.

Is it a coincidence that WBSTP volunteers and Parks and Rec. had similar ideas???  Maybe, but I think it is a "sign" of good things to come.  ;-)

It was so great to get out and about on WB yesterday and to talk to people who are excited about keeping the beach clean.  It made me feel more positive and reminded me how much I love WB!  I guess sometimes, you have to get your mind off the "trash" to remember what is good.  Thank you WB for all you are doing and for continuing to work on keeping our beach beautiful!

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