Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lumina News (Rescued Nest and Dragon Boat Racing)

Our adopted nest (or "rescued nest" as I like to call it) is featured in Lumina News this week along with our leader, Nancy Fahey and volunteers, Kathleen and Morgan Britton.

Read it here.

Also, a few weeks ago, Wilmington hosted the 1st Dragon Boat Racing Event on the Caper Fear River.  Many WBSTP volunteers were present and participated in the race.  Among volunteers racing was Stephanie Merrit.  You can see Stephanie in the Lumina News photo.  She is the first rower (a very tough position).

Other WBSTP volunteers racing that day included:  Kim Meyer, John Marcucci, and TQ, Ginger Taylor!  It was a fun event with proceeds benefiting two local charities:  Step Up for Soldiers (a wounded warrior charity) and Sunburst (a charity for rescued canines).

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