Saturday, June 25, 2011

week 8 John & Terri -- Roses vs. Balloons

John and Terri Littlejohn found white roses on the beach in zone 1.  The assumption is that they are either from a wedding or other type of ceremony.  When helping Nancy locate eggs in nest #2 last Sunday, I saw something red at the water's edge.  Convinced it was a red piece of plastic, I walked over to retrieve it, only to find it was a single red rose.  I had seen a group of people form a circle earlier and my assumption is they placed the rose as a memorial.

Many times, people will use balloons as a celebration or memorial, probably not realizing that released balloons eventually fall back to the ground or ocean and become litter---very dangerous litter.  The kind of litter that entangles wildlife and becomes toxic if wildlife eat it.  So far KIC volunteers have collected at least 107 balloons from WB.

Although it is against WB town ordinance to release balloons or use balloons as outside decoration or on signage, some people still do.  Likely they are not aware of the ordinance or do not understand the reasoning for the ordinance.

I am very happy to see that some are choosing other methods to symbolize their celebrations or memorials.  It is a much nicer way to commemorate an occasion (in my opinion).  A rose on the beach is much more beautiful (and meaningful somehow) than a burst or deflated balloon.


     We picked up about 2/3 of one H/T bag - the kind you purchase for reuse.  (2 grocery store size)  Items collected included, sunglasses, sole of a shoe, men's underwear (for the second straight week), much larger than normal haul of plastics (mostly bags and wrappers), and cigarette butts.  The most interesting items discarded were roses which we found in several locations (see attached photo).  Couldn't figure out if they were from a wedding or a commemoration.

     Turtle nest #1 is in our zone and we checked on it.  Everything looked good; the sand was undisturbed except for the work of a few ants.

                                                                                                                          John and Terri Littlejohn 

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