Saturday, June 25, 2011

week 8 Cindy---JM Pier continues to have high trash volume

Well, today was the worst day so far for trash for our zone.  It may have been that I walked without my partner Gina today.  So here goes.  I picked up 4 five gallon buckets of trash today.  (= 8 bags)
There were cans, shoes, floats, shovel, 4 towels, bottle caps, bottles, chairs, boogie board, paper plates, socks, sand pails.  There were also 2 of the blue trash containers turned over near the middle of my zone. Took about 10 minutes to clean that area! ( Not included in the bucket count) The area around the pier is the worst as well as near the bathroom and gazebo. Really disgusting there........I started at 6:05 and it was almost 7:30 before I finished today.  It usually takes about 30 minutes. The fact that I was paying more attention to looking for tracks may have also slowed me down as well.
The End!!!! Ha!!!!!!
Have a good one!


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