Tuesday, June 21, 2011

week 8 Dick & Linda zone 1--Sand filled plastic bags used for tent stakes--new WB trend


     We had 2 full grocery bags this morning and one pretty nice Frisbee.  Linda found 4 large plastic bags filled with sand that someone was using to hold down a tent.  Too bad they only managed to remove the tent.  Bags were emptied and put in the trash.  Rgds  Dick and Linda

I, (Ginger)  also found 3 large sand-filled bags on Monday apparently used for the same thing!  Also, I think the bags that Gina and Cindy found last week served the same purpose!  People can be pretty innovative, but I really wish they would use something besides plastic bags (mostly a single use item that never biodegrades) and I really wish they would at least remove the plastic bags from the beach when they remove the tent!  A true example of irresponsibility or laziness.

Below are the pics of the three bags that I found this morning.

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