Saturday, June 11, 2011

Meet Joe Peters---Welcome to KIC (week 6)

I'm so happy that Joe Peters has joined the KICers.  Joe picks up trash while he walks on the beach and was encouraged by a KIC volunteer, Susan Miller, to report his numbers.  Well, you know, we KICers love people who pick up trash, so Joe is now considered one of us!  Welcome Joe!!!  You can read Joe's report below and his numbers will be added to our total and will be included under "unspecified zones".

A big thanks to Joe and Susan!


I was encouraged by Susan Miller to send you my trash totals while out at Wrightsville Beach.  I was out on the beach around 7pm on Wednesday, 6/8/11.  My totals during my 30 minute walk:
5 plastic bottles
2 plastic bags
4 aluminum cans
4 juice bags (think Hi-C, Capri Sun)
6 plastic bottle caps

(I am counting this as 1.5 bags unless Joe indicates otherwise)

Quite sad, since Wednesday was World Oceans Day.  Take care, and continue to do good work.


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