Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 7 A lesson on Crab Mating by Julie Nichols

I always like learning new things and so I appreciate the lesson Julie shares with us below.  I have a different and profound perception of crabs now  :)


Well here’s my education lesson for this morning:

CRABS – Reproduction
When male and female crabs reproduce, they assume the doubler position, which is when the male carries the female. Mating lasts about five-and-a-half hours, but the crabs may stay in this position for up to three days afterward.

My apologies to the crabs I disturbed.

I subbed Zone 4 this morning (Sat. 6-18) for Nancy Faye.  An absolutely beautiful morning for a walk on the beach – OK, so EVERY morning is a beautiful morning for a walk on the beach.  I picked up 1 grocery bag of trash – mostly food packaging, cups, etc., some fireworks debris, 2 spools of kite string, a pacifier, a few children’s toys, 2 full Budweisers. I filled in a few holes with the nice wooden-handled toy shovel I found and decided to keep in the trunk of my car for future early morning walks.

Possible suggestion for Blockade Runner – their trash can was overflowing, most of it appearing to be plastic drink bottles.  This sounds like a great spot for a recycle receptacle.

There were 2 people sleeping in the edge of the dunes just past the Blockade Runner. 

On my way back I climbed the Life Guard stand and watched pelicans skim over the water and a few fishing boats on their way to a great day of angling. What a view!!  Also a great view for looking for tracks or anything that looks repetitive in the sand.

I also subbed Zone 4 Wednesday morning, gathering about 1/3 bag of trash that morning.

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