Saturday, June 11, 2011

week 6 Kathleen Holly--zone 5 (2 days)

Last 2 walks picked up 3 1/2 gal bags trash.. Lots of Cig butts, cups, straws, kiddie shovels, 8 beer cans, 5 plastic gator aid bottles, 2 water bottles, 3 flip flops; 1 man's, 2 unrelated women's, 2 tee shirts, 1 pr men's boxers, 3 bra fillers; unrelated sizes but interesting find, 4 plastic baggies, assorted tags from purchases. 

I saw at least 4 different sets of dog tracks this am on my turtle walk; all between access 39 and Oceanic Pier.

I pick up trash over by the USCoast Guard dock on the inlet side.  I dragged 2 broken chairs, a beach umbrella and a large broken cooler last week.  The debris was still there on Tues.  I met one of the DPW fellows driving the street sweeper.  I told him the trash had been there for 5 days.  I asked if he would please let the garage know this bin hasn't been attended.  Neither were 2 other overfilled bins on the inlet side across from Masonboro Island. 

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