Friday, June 10, 2011

Overflowing Cans--photos by John Scott

I know we have talked about the cans overflowing several times.  The good news is that beach goers are trying to throw away their garbage.  The bad news is that they have so much garbage.  When I learned that the town collects garbage twice a day and three times on the weekend, I was shocked to know that people produce that much litter.  We have to do more education on reducing our consumption.

WB is doing what they can and they continue to consider other options.  As John points out in his post below:  the cans that are not close to the access points were not as full.  I witnessed this myself last week as some cans were overflowing and others just had one bottle in it.  So, one solution may be to place more cans at the popular access points.  Thanks for the pics as they help in talking about the issues so that we can come up with workable solutions to keep WB Clean.

       I went to Wrightsville Beach this morning in hopes of getting
pictures of the sunrise. When I arrived at Johnny Mercer Pier, this is what
I was greeted with. The balloon was near the surf line towards the Holiday
Inn. I did pick up the balloon, but I didn't have gloves or bags with me so
I did not pick up any of the other trash. I did notice that none of the blue
trash drums from the pier to the Holiday Inn were overflowing. I thought I'd
share the pictures with you.
       Thank you for everything you're doing with the blog.


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