Monday, June 13, 2011

week 7 Kim Meyer and Celia zone 1

In Zone 1 for Sunday, June 12th, approximately 6 bags of trash were collected.  Several buckets and toys were also found.  My walking buddy, Celia and I placed them up by the lifeguard stand so perhaps they will be reused.  There are several large holes as well in that area.  Just hoping the buckets and shovels aren't used to contribute more holes!

We collected 7 water bottles and only 2 beer bottles.  You can tell when the heat starts taking its toll!  All the usual items were found today: discarded plastic bags, paper towels, handy wipes, wrappers, etc.  We did pull 2 beach towels and 1 blanket out of the sand as well. 

The trash cans close to the dunes appeared to be either empty or about 1/4th full.  However there were several around the major access points (Duneridge area) were cans were overflowing.  I hope they empty cans on Sunday morning otherwise there would be no room for sunbather's trash today.

We did find one woman on the beach with a black lab mix running wildly off-leash through the dunes.  Celia ever so politely spoke with the woman about the nests at CB that were destroyed by dogs.  The woman very politely thanked us for collecting trash on the beach, regained control of her dog, put the leash on and exited the beach.  The woman indicated she lived about a block from the beach which made me wonder how she did not know of the leash law and restricted months for which dogs could be on the beach.  Perhaps she was new to the area.  However it was one of the first things I learned as a pet owner living on the beach in the 80's. 

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