Tuesday, June 21, 2011

week 8 John & Ginger zone 4

Although John and I did not find turtle tracks this morning, we did find a sea turtle in the sand.

We also found lots of tracks of a different sort.....

We collected 6 bags of trash which included:

3 plastic bottles
1 glass bottle
8  butts
1 cigar tip
8 toys
1 CO2 catridge
16 plastic bottle caps
6 cans (3 interesting beer cans) 

8 plastic cups
2 plastic condiment cups
1 plastic spoon
13 straws
1 balloon piece
3 plastic bags (used to tie down tents)
2 bungee cords
2 t-shirts
1 girls cover up
1 sun shirt/rash guard
1 nightie
1 hat
2 ziplock bags
1 mesh bag for toys

Also, we removed 3 towels, 3 chairs and 1 boogie board.

While on the beach, we were able to greet the sun

and say "hello" the the WB ducks.

One last note is that my cat, Speckles always supervises me while I sort the trash.  He really could care less about the trash, but demands that I pause long enough to pet him a few times---"Kaliwali"

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