Friday, June 3, 2011

week 5 Jenny Johnston zone 5

The below post (in green) is from Jenny Johnston.  I have a real affinity for Jenny even though I have never met her in person, just through our trashy talking turtlers emails; but just like all of you, she is a kindred spirit.  I will always hold close the passage Jenny sent to me from the book: Animal Speak.  The passage is about turtles and I think it really expresses what we are trying to do to help our planet.  I included this passage in a couple of our letters in the past and I will include it here on the blog so that we may never forget it:  ...Turtles remind us that the way to heaven is through the earth.  In Mother Earth is all that we need.  She will care for us, protect us, and nurture us, as long as we do the same for her.   For that to happen we must slow down and heighten our sensibilities.  We must see the connection to all things.  Just as the turtle cannot separate itself from its shell, neither can we separate ourselves from what we do to the Earth...

May we all continue to care for Mother Earth as she is caring for us.

Hi Ginger,

I walked (substitute), Zone 5, Sunday-May 29, and picked up one grocery store size bag of trash.  Not a bad day considering the holiday weekend. 

Have a great summer!
Hoping for some Mama Turtles this year!

Jenny Johnston

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