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KIC Newsletter June 11, 2011

HI KICers!!!

I am so proud to be a part of you guys.

So far, you have reported collecting 147.33 bags of trash and you just keep on "KICing"!!!!  Please view the updated blogsite:  If you have not sent in your reports, please do so and I will add to our totals.

I do have two tidbits of news that I want to share in this email.  One is frustrating and one is hopeful.  So I will post the frustrating news first:

Dog Destroys Sea Turtle Eggs on Carolina Beach
A sea turtle nest at Carolina Beach was predated by an unleashed dog this week.  The dog destroyed at least 20 of the eggs in the nest.  Please click on this link to read the article and view a picture of the predated nest:

Dogs are not allowed on WB from April 1 to October 30.  From October 30 to March 31st, dogs must be leashed and owners must have a bag with them so that they can clean after their dogs.

Please understand that I love dogs and I understand why people want their dogs to be able to play on the beach.  However, dogs have a very keen sense of smell and very strong natural instincts to dig up, chew, roll in, eat, lick, etc. anything they think smells good.  And usually no amount of owner's commands can deter this very undomesticated type of behavior.  They just can't help themselves.  So, dogs will certainly be able to smell a freshly laid turtle nest and will surely find it irresistible.  This is a very good reason for dog owners to follow the WB ordinance and keep dogs off the beach during nesting season.

On our blog this week, you will read John and Terri Littlejohn's email in which they approached a dog owner who told them she thought she was out early enough that she would not get caught!

Now for the Hopeful News:
Injured Leatherback Sea Turtle Gets Help Digging Her Nests
Please click on the link below to meet Clover, an endangered leatherback sea turtle who has had both of her rear flippers severed by a shark.  Clover is unable to dig her nests, so volunteers on Juno Beach, Florida watch for her and help dig her nests when she comes ashore.  So far, this year, she has laid 7 nests on Juno Beach.

Thanks for all you do.

Keep It Clean,

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