Saturday, July 2, 2011

1,596 butts and "no thank you" to straws by Danielle

Hey Ginger!

I wish that I could say that we went out to WB a ton over the month of June, but unfortunately I didn't get out to the beach as much as I would have liked. :(  Thank goodness I know that all of you are out there helping keep WB clean!! :D  Here are the totals for the littered items that I counted for the 5 clean ups we did in June.

Cigarette butts: 893
Straws: 71
Caps: 23
Shoes: 5.5 pairs

Obviously, we pick up a lot more than what is counted... sometimes the litter smells SO bad from all of the cigarette butts that I only focus on counting "high volume" items ;)

Also, I know that I said that I was going to share by month... but I'm thinking that I may email you after each clean up (we'll see!!).   Went out to JM pier last night (July 1)... thankfully it wasn't overwhelming like it has been in the past.  Lots of litter though.  (Just look at how this one 20 minute clean up compares to FIVE 20 minute clean ups in June!!... crazy)

Cigarette butts: 703
Straws: 64  (!!) 20 minutes... 64 straws in 20 minutes!!!  Can I please ask everyone to say "no thank you" to a straw?!?  And for parents to pretty please not buy juice boxes?!?  Please. :)
Caps: 63
Plastic utensils: 7

Attached is my attempt to sort all of the disgusting litter that we picked up!  YUCK!!  <--there was a panty liner and (used) condom!! *sigh* I can deal with a lot of stuff... shoot... I've counted over 23,000 cigarette butts... but GEEZ... some things are just REALLY nasty!!!

Danielle Richardet

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