Saturday, July 2, 2011

week 8 Kathleen Holly--a clean beach is "for the birds" too :)

Hi Ginger,  I forgot to add chairs and boogie boards I dragged to trash cans.. sorry... 1 boogie board and 4 chairs.

Thursday, (my zone day), I came upon WECT interviewing Andy, the Audubon biologist.  Of course I added three cents about the Sea Turtle Project and the Keep It Cleaners.  Within 3 steps onto the beach I found an upturned broken beer bottle, a towel, styrofoam cups and straws, empty plastic bait pkgs..  I gave the crew these items as a visual.  Andy stressed how much the volunteers contribute in protecting WBs habitat and beach.

They asked if I would talk but felt this was Andy's interview..and needed to get to high tide line.

Picked up 3 bags.. kiddie shovels, bucket, scoops, plastic and styrofoam cups, bags, caps of bottles, gator aid bottles...   no nasty things, thankfully..

no dogs either.. 


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