Saturday, July 2, 2011

week 9 Julie--Daipers and Shower Caps--oh my!!!


I subbed in Zone 2 for Brian this morning.  No tracks L.

There was a lot of trash, of which we picked up four grocery bags.  We only collected trash below the escarpment. Most of it was water bottles, beer cans, the usual array of toys, a Frisbee, single flip-flop, wet-wipes, straws, food wrappers and cups, and an absolutely ridiculous amount of diapers.

Plus I cleaned up around the gazebo, just because it was such a mess.  I hate that that is the first thing many visitors see when they come to Wrightsville Beach for the first time.  The trash cans at the entrance were not full, but there was still a lot of trash around them.  The outdoor shower had a bunch of trash and clothes, food wrappers, and more diapers at the gazebo.  Threw away the men’s t-shirt and boxers that were under the bench at the gazebo and mixed with sand (may have been there for awhile) but left the ladies pair of shoes and beach cover-up on the end of the bench that was clean.  Hopefully she will return for them.

And shower caps – the disposable kind.  I’d never found those before but there were 3 or 4 that I picked up around the shower/gazebo area.

Beautiful sunrise but a messy morning.

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