Saturday, July 23, 2011

week 12--John Marcucci finds a nest in zone 4!!!!!

On Sunday night, I asked John if he would please walk the zone in the morning (7/18) without me, explaining that I felt exhausted and thought I needed some sleep.  He kindly agreed.

At 4:30AM, I woke up and asked him the time.  I made a mental note that he would need to get up soon to go to the beach.  I was worried and did not sleep well because Foxy, our indoor/outdoor cat and early morning alarm had decided to sleep outdoors and I was worried John would oversleep without her (our alarm clock broke and we currently do not use one).  So, again at 5:30, I was wide awake and nudged John telling him to get up so he could go walk the beach.

I still laid awake as I heard him getting ready and I thought, "I should really get up and go with him, I'm already awake".  But I decided to not go thinking I would get some much needed rest while he was gone---wrong!  I kept waking up and finally was worried that he was not back.

I found my phone (it was on silent) and saw every indicator was lit up.  I thought, "no way, he did not find tracks without me."  As I clicked on the messages, I saw a picture of very beautiful sea turtle tracks. Before I could listen to the messages John had left, Nancy was calling.  I answered and told her that I was getting dressed and was on my way.  She said she was on her way to the beach as well and would see me there.  She was very excited.  I was excited too, but I was still processing my self-frustration at missing this opportunity.  I could not believe it!!!!

Okay, so I was asked this week by a dear friend and fellow volunteer, Kathleen Britton, how I really felt about my husband finding the nest on the one day that I decided to stay in bed.  My response was:  "I feel 3 ways":

1. I am happy for John.  He always supports me, forwards my emails to friends and gives me way too much credit without taking any himself.  This time, he has to take all the credit, and he deserves it, which makes me very happy for him!

2.  I am really sad that we did not get to share the experience together.  I think it would have been really fun to find the tracks together and feed off of each other's excitement.  It may be a once in a lifetime opportunity and I regret we did not share all of it.

3. I am so frustrated at myself and it will never happen again.  I can't believe the one time I miss walking the zone,  I miss finding tracks!!!  where is the justice???   :)   (I say all of this with a laugh b/c I am ecstatic we have a nest and I am so happy for John)

So, on John's walk, he found the following trash (3 bags)
1 plastic bag
1 plastic bottle
2 unmatched socks
1 hat
1 pair of sandals
1 pair of flowered sunglasses
6 toys
2 balloons with strings
15 Bud Light cans
4 straws
31 bottle caps

ONE set of tracks that led to 129 beautiful sea turtle eggs!!!  Thank you Mamma Turtle!!!!

As I was helping Nancy at the nest sight, I found two pieces of beautiful sea glass (emerald green and aqua marine blue)---I never find sea glass....   I like to think this was also a gift.

I want to thank Nancy for all of her patience, guidance, kindness and excitement in teaching me about relocating this nest.  I will never forget it!!!

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  1. Great blog! Discovered you through Danielle of "It Starts With Me." I do similar work up here in Saco, Maine. It can be disheartening, but it's like a burst of energy to discover other folks caring for their beaches too. Wish we had turtle landings up here, that would be quite a sight! Thanks for all you're doing.