Wednesday, July 20, 2011

week 11 Gina & Cindy find lots of straws and bottle caps in zone 3

Gina DeVaughn
Cindy Wilson
Today was not that bad compared to prior weeks.  We filled 2 Plastic Bags, but they were the plastic bags from Target, that are larger then the normal plastic bags from the food stores, and they were very full & heavy!!!!
The following TRASH was collected:
1 Comforter Blanket
2 Towels
5 pieces of clothing
1 Flipflop
5 plastic shoves
1 plastic sand bucket
plastic stand for umbrella
2 broken sand chairs
5 beer cans
3 plastic mini liquor bottles
metal beer can caps
tissues, papers, tags from items
suntan lotion
LOTS of Plastic Straws
plastic bottle caps (LOTS)
broken pieces of misc. plastic
pieces from Fireworks
I think that sums up our list from today!

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