Saturday, July 23, 2011

week 12 Kathleen Holly meets other beach cleaners at Oceanic Pier

While doing my walk and picking up debris, met a family of visitors picking up trash around the Oceanic Pier.. it was prisitine when I left thanks to them.  Jane, Steve and Ann Arnet.  Didn't ask where they were from.  As a confirmation project Ann was picking up trash.. This week they each picked up many bags of trash.. So we could add their cache into our.  I picked up 3 bags this am.. fishing line with hook, bottles, cans of minute maid, dorito bags, empty bait pkg.  I saw a young man come in near Acess 40 the past three mornings with a German shep around 6:50am.  Also met up with 2 teenagers with their dog; a black mutt.. told them there was a huge fine which I think would make the parents unhappy.  They took the dog off the beach.  Met a group taking photos in the dunes.. suggested to avoid the $500 fine they might want to go to the nearest access and take pics from the path.  

We did good this am.. alas,  saw strange marks that might have been from something dragged.. but not tracks.. no ghost crabs near the south end nest either. ..  

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